Homescapes – Solve Puzzles And Decorate The Home


Playrix is the most popular game development studio and also well known among millions of gamers due to its awesome creations. When this comes to its popular game developments then the name of Homescapes can’t be ignored. The game has lots of features that are attractive and addictive too. The game also allows the players to show their creativity of mind by decorating a home.

As you all know that this is a puzzle game in which you just need to swap the pieces to match them. There are different levels or stages present and every stage has a different goal that you have to complete it in order to unlock the new stage. This is the reason that they should always try to put their best possible efforts to play the game otherwise they can’t make progress or enjoy the gameplay.

Tips for beginners

The game is really interesting and also has an amazing gameplay that will keep you hooked to the screen. There are two aspects that run equally that are solving the puzzles and renovate the home. Players need to complete the goals and to clear the stages to renovate the home. There is a character that is Austin whose parents want to sell their home but Austin is trying to renovate the home so he can protect it and stop his parents to sell it. Players need to help this character to renovate his home which is making the game more interesting and enjoyable.

Well, the initial stages of the game are easy and simple but after completing some easy levels, you will face difficulties. In this situation, it is not good to swap the pieces on a random basis. You have to make strategies so you can easily complete the difficult levels and make progress quickly.

What about currencies?

If you are playing this interesting game then you may also know the fact that there is a great importance of in-game currencies. Earning currency in this game is not easy because you can only earn currencies after completing the levels. You may all know that coins and stars are the two main currencies that you can earn in limited ways. After completing or solving the puzzles on every level, you can earn currency that can help you to unlock the new stages.

Most of the players don’t have enough currency for which they are facing lots of complications. If you want to play the game without struggling with different issues then you should Homescapes Cheats on earning currencies. With the help of enough currency, you can also able to make progress quickly and to get a better ranking.  These currencies are also required to buy some special boosters or in-game items from the game shop.


This is a known fact that players have to match pieces together to complete the stages. You should know the fact that with the help of this, you can’t complete every stage or level. The most important thing that you should know is that you can also make lots of other combinations. You have to match four to five pieces together for making other kinds of combination and this is will also give you different power-ups.

If you are matching the four pieces in a row then you will get a rocket and after making a square helps you to get a paper plane. There are many other kinds of power-ups that you can get by making different kinds of combinations while matching the pieces. With the help of these power-ups, you can easily complete your goals and move to the next stages.

About boosters

There are different kinds of boosters present in the game and each type of booster has its own importance.  You can acquire these boosters in numerous ways and then you can use it to complete the stages quickly. These boosters are also playing an imperative role and players should know its importance so they can also enjoy its lots of advantages. The most amazing thing is that players also have an option to purchase boosters from the game shop by spending their real life money. This can help them to level up in a quick manner and also without making efforts.